Welcome to my new website! , I recently
changed my business name from
"Cardinal Creations" to
"Judi Weers Designs".
It will take me awhile to get everything
moved from www.cardinalcreations.net
and freshened up, so please bear with
Currently my favorite medium to work with is metal
clay.  This includes fine silver, bronze and copper

Not familiar with metal clay?  Please allow me to
explain.  Metal clay is made of very fine particles of
the metal mixed with a binder and water to create a
substance that feels and looks much like earthen clay,
but the end result, after firing with a torch or in a kiln
is metal instead of pottery.

Like any art, it takes time to master this wonderful
medium, but once you're hooked---you're hooked!

As a multi-media artist, I also work with polymer clay,
fused glass and many other materials.  Since many of
these materials work very well together, there are no
limits to the designs that can be achieved.  You
should give it a try if you haven't done so already.

Contact me at dr.metalclay@yahoo.com to sign up for
a class or for any questions.
All photos of
jewelry on this
page were
taken by
Steve Augle.